The Psychology of Dieting Series: Part II

The Psychology of Dieting Series: Part II

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

As the second overview in ReasonRemedy's Psychology of Dieting Series, we're bringing awareness to another form of psychological health issue linked to the development of eating disorders.

The Endless Pursuit for Perfection

The methods people with BDD use to diminish the visual impact of their 'defects' can be extremely damaging to their physical and mental health.

It doesn't matter whether the defect is actually there (but only a minor one that is fixated upon), or whether the defect materialises as a result of delusional symptoms. The purposed solutions that sufferers will resort to are often damaging.

Harmful procedures or habits include cosmetic surgery, extreme dieting, excessive 'grooming' and extreme forms of dieting.

We say... If you want to lose weight, do it healthily.

In raising awareness about Eating Disorders, we are committed to sourcing factual scientific data that helps us portray the message to our readers. Eating disorders always have been, and still are, a debilitating struggle for many women and men out there.